Root looking at Shaw really platonically

First Giveaway because ... why not? 



WELCOME TO my ”my followers are totally the best and they deserve this even though I’m ridiculously broke right now” - GIVEAWAAAAY

… and every word of this very catchy title is true.

This might be the giveaway with the most jacked up banner of all time, but ITS MADE WITH…

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"We"? No, I’ll fix it. You stay here, collect a paycheck.

The standout in the class, the ones you should all make it your mission to destroy.



I’m in love with Rita Volk

me too


who needs a social life when you have followers who don’t talk to you and you run a blog no one cares about

Never lose your temper in the middle of a door sign.

I might as well hand you the trophy right now, Miss Pratt. But I won’t. Not until I see how the rest of you step up your game.


do you ever need a five minute hug but only from like a specific person





I’m not usually a first-row kind of guy, but I promised myself I wouldn’t hide in the back of the class.


I could listen to this forever and never get bored


The question I’m asked most often as a defense attorney is whether I can tell if my clients are innocent or guilty.

I don’t care.